Leading the next generation
of convergence lighting technology

Research & Development

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Planning & Exploration for Lighting Business

  • Analysis on cutting-edge core technologies and planning for new lighting businesses and projects
  • Exploration of new lighting market by development of fusion and convergence technologies
  • Establishment of new R&D strategies for lighting industry by global networking

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R&D on Next Generation Lighting Convergence Technology

  • Intelligent IT lighting system for complex spaces based on interactive information exchange
  • Comprehensive evaluation technology and customized guidelines for optic, emotional, and energy design of interior LED system lighting

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R&D on Lighting Technology

  • Development of optic and design technology for LED and OLED lighting
  • R&D on special lightings, such as lightings for medicine, automobile, ships, aviation, and anti-explosion purposes
  • Performance analysis for electric and optic characteristics, and R&Ds on technological problems of lighting companies

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Comprehensive R&Ds on Lighting Environment

  • Human and ecological risk assessment on outdoor lighting at night
  • Environmental lighting zone projects by environmental impact assessment on light pollution
  • Measurement and analysis of lighting environment by illumination for space, adverts, and decoration
  • Regulations on criteria of light pollution, and development of anti-light pollution lightings

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R&D for New and Renewable Energy Technology

  • R&D and performance tests for high efficiency solar cells, such as Si, thin film, DSC, and OPV, etc.
  • Optimization researches on and equipment development of solar simulators for new light sources (MH, PLS, etc.)
  • R&D and empirical evaluation of BIPV (roof tile and shingle types)
  • Development of small solar and wind power generators and R&Ds for smart grid technology
  • Development of forecast modeling for lifecycle and failure analysis for solar array, and R&Ds on its empirical evaluation
  • R&Ds on system optimization for loT related solar, solar heat, wind power, and geothermal systems