Leading the next generation
of convergence lighting technology

Technical Education &Training


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  • Consortium for HRD Ability Magnified Program (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • Utilization of the result of Re-educational Work of Field Engineers for Next Generation LED Lighting
  • Technical Support Project for Cultivation of LED Convergence Lighting (Bucheon-si)

Training & Education

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  • Education & training for lighting design (using Relux and Dialux)
  • Education & trainings for optic designs (using OptisWorks and Lighttools)
  • Education & trainings for equipment and heat insulation designs (using SolidWorks and Flow Simulation)
  • Design and manufacture demonstration for power supplies, and their control demonstration using Mycom
  • Demonstration for development of mobile-based lighting control system
  • OJT training for national and overseas status of accreditation standards, as well as KS accreditation
  • Basic education for lighting design and marketing