Leading the next generation
of convergence lighting technology

CI Introduction

KILT incorporated 3G, namely, GLOBAL, GREEN, and GROWTH, in its Corporate Identity
  • Global


  • The five white lines and six smaller fans inside a big green fan
 represents 5 oceans and 6 continents. The fan represents the ambition of South Korean lighting industry to develop world class technology and advance to overseas markets, and at the same time, the ambition of the institute to become the global class R&D institute.
  • Green


  • The big green fan is the image of big and lush green tree with bright lamplight in the background, representing sustainable development of human by eco-friendly and high-efficiency of green lighting technology with long lifecycle. In order to make the Dream Society into reality, the KILT will try to enrich the High Life of people with High Tech and High Lux.
  • Growth


  • The two thick black lines of I and L of KILT represent green growth that harmonizes human emotion and technology; strengthening of infrastructure by network of academic and enterprise entities; and shared growth of major companies and SMEs through community growth.